Going Green at Home: Tips to Help Reduce Your Footprint and Utility Bill

May 29, 2013

Ultra efficient and eco-friendly, when it comes to going green in your home, this popular 5 letter word means just as much to your wallet as it does to the environment.

In the long, run it may actually mean huge savings on your monthly expenses, a better return on your investment when it comes time to sell and youíre doing something good for the planet.

Now true, the recent green movement is a topic of debate with many points of views. In some cases, the term is used by many who have a tendency to over-promise and under deliver when it come to going with environmentally sound products and practices. Some will call it a global scam to sell you more stuff, and in some cases, you have the true environmentalist, who works at limiting his or her impact on the planet in everything they do, from using recycled materials in the home to recycling rain water for their gardens.

But truthfully, sustainable living (or the lifestyle that works towards limiting and reducing use of our natural resources and other resources, such as energy), can actually be done at various levels, and benefit not only our environment, but help us save on expenses. Here are some simple steps that can you work towards a greener home, and some ideas may seem a little bit out of reach at the moment, but could come into play in the future.

Energy Management and Conservation at Home

When it come to saving on your electric bill, energy management is vital and conservation can come from almost anywhere with varying levels of savings. Here are a few:

    Adding ceiling insulation gives your AC unit a break by keeping the outside heat from entering your home.
    Air sealing your home makes sure that the cool air your AC is making stays inside. (Air sealing to keep the cool in, insulation to keep the hot out!)
    High efficiency roofing can also provide an extra layer of protection from the sunís heat. You can also look at upgraded Energy-Star rated windows and doors.
    An old AC can be a guzzler, drain dollars from your pocket and sending it to the electrical company. Consider replacing the old unit with a ultra high efficiency model, and let the saving begin. Donít have the budget for a new AC, consider getting a programmable thermostat that will allow you to control when and at what temperature your home should be for maximum energy efficiency.
    In your kitchen, upgrade your kitchen appliances to Energy-Star rated ones during your next remodel will save energy and provide a great selling point on your homes sale
    Consider, a solar thermal heating system, or high efficient tankless water heater, for heating your homes water.

Water Conservation

Water conservation will be achieved by modern water dispensing products such as dual flush or low flow toilets and faucets that are meant to limit the flow of water. Adding a water catchment system can also help reduce reliance on public water.

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