Big Ideas for Small Kitchens: Maximize your Culinary Space

When it comes to small kitchens, smart kitchen designs can go a long way

When it comes to laying out your vision for you new small kitchen renovation, selecting the right color for your cabinets can be everything when size matters. Unlike a bathroom where a dark cabinet colors and wall paint can help you create the impression of larger spaces, kitchens tend to have cabinets and countertops covering larger areas that usually span 2 or more walls that surround the kitchen area. It is this encircling of dark colors that can give your kitchen a more “cluster phobic” feel to it.

Consider instead, lighter toned colors or even pure white cabinets and/or countertops that can give a person a strong sense of roominess in the kitchen. As in a small bathroom design, look to use of long, continuous lines whenever possible, in your flooring, backsplashes, or with touches such as built in kitchen cabinet handles. Again thosee lines can help create an illusion of depth.

Raising cabinet heights for more storage!

If you don’t have a lot of horizontal inches wall to wall, capitalize on the vertical space you have between your floor and ceiling. One easy way is by increasing the height of the wall cabinets, or by stacking cabinetry for a more detailed look. Now granted, it’s almost impossible for many of us to grab anything higher than 84 to 90 inches off the ground without grabbing a stool. But the truth is, we all have things, like those baking tools you never got around to using or the fine china reserved for the in-laws , that we hardly ever use. The extra high storage space can help you keep it all of this stored and out of the way, and keeping the easily accessible space for the things you do use day to day.

You may also want to consider using all of your available space down below, by using things like blind base cabinets that take advantage of corner spacing that you may consider wasting because a corner cabinet does not fit. Again that hard to reach space is a great place to place that oversized baking mixer.

Consider using extra accessories to make your kitchen functional and user friendly.

A magic corner may cost you a few extra hundred bucks, but the blind base cabinet pull out system can be great bet if you’re looking for ease and functionality. Lazy Susans should be another must have if you have a corner cabinet in your kitchen, as the accessory can also assist you by providing easy access to hard to reach places with in your kitchen.

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