Kitchen Trends: The Ever Evolving Kitchen

Miami, June 4, 2012

Over the past several years, I have seen an incredible transformation occur with many, if not most of my customers. The residential kitchen is no longer where mom goes to whip up a meal, but a true, bona fide home living space; a place where family and friend gather to share in good times, or the kids sit to surf the internet. And now companies, from cabinets to appliances manufacturers, are pushing the envelope to bring beauty and technology to the ever growing popularity of the ever-evolving kitchen.

Here are a three great trends happening this year:

The Island: Getting together in the kitchen is raising the demand for larger islands that can accommodate for dining and socializing, as well as cooking and prep work. Mom’s can now help kid’s with their homework while preparing dinner, and dad can check his emails or watch TV, integrating the kitchen and family life. These larger center pieces are eliminating the need for the traditional kitchen tables, while adding many functional benefits ranging from food prep to storage.

Hi-Tech Cabinetry: Besides style, cabinet manufacturers are adding practicality to sleek, modern cabinets. From push-to-open drawers, self closing hinges, and retractable cutting boards, manufacturers are bringing a little more than great looks. Also for 2012, watch for European inspired styles and dark espresso colors in upcoming kitchen cabinets, and a slow exit of the recently popular cherry color.

Decorative lighting to set the mood in the kitchen is another up-and-coming design trend. From LED lighting fixtures to color lighting accent to sconces, lighting is playing a major role in kitchen to draw attention to the décor. LED will be the dominating force in the kitchen, because of its high efficiency and long lasting properties, together with its ability not to heat, even after long periods of time.

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